Wel­come to the Pre­ston Robb Day Cen­tre — Mon­treal Neu­ro­log­i­cal Hospital

Naomi Burton-​MacLeod
MUHC/​CUSM, 2015

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preston robb day center

Address: Room 238, 3801 Uni­ver­sity Street,

Mon­treal, QC, H3A 2B4

Tele­phone: 5143981986 Fax: 5143988422

Hours: Mon­day to Fri­day, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Closed on all major and hos­pi­tal holidays

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You will be start­ing reg­u­lar I.V. (intra­venous) treat­ments at the Day Cen­tre. This book­let con­tains infor­ma­tion you should know.


We will give you a list of your upcom­ing appoint­ments. The day of the week and the time of your appoint­ment can be dif­fer­ent each visit. Please be sure to check your appoint­ment list before com­ing to the Day Cen­tre. If you need to change your appoint­ment please call the Day Centre.

If you are feel­ing sick and have a fever with cough­ing or sneez­ing or ongo­ing diar­rhea, please call the Day Cen­tre as soon as pos­si­ble. We will can­cel your appoint­ment and sched­ule a new one.

Please note:

The Day Cen­tre is closed on all major and hos­pi­tal holidays.

Day of Your Treatment

Come to the Day Cen­tre, Room 238, at the time of your appoint­ment. You may bring a friend or fam­ily mem­ber. Please let us know you are here by com­ing to the recep­tion area or the nurs­ing sta­tion and telling us your name.

There is no assigned seat­ing. You may select any chair for treat­ment. Beds are given to patients who are hav­ing day surgery or have a med­ical need for a bed. If you arrive in a wheel­chair it will be stored in the Day Centre.

One of our nurses will come to mea­sure your blood pres­sure and tem­per­a­ture before you begin your treat­ment. The nurse will talk with you about how you are feel­ing and your treat­ment. Next, we will place an I.V. (intra­venous) line in your hand or arm and your treat­ment will be started.

Treat­ments can last from 1 to 5 hours. Once your I.V. treat­ment is started, you must stay in the Day Cen­tre so that the nurses can make sure that your treat­ment is going well.

If you have any ques­tions about your ill­ness or treat­ment, please speak to one of our nurses.

If you are not feel­ing well once you are home after your treat­ment, please call the Day Cen­tre and speak to a nurse.

While You Are at the Day Centre

Food and Drink

You may bring food with you to the Day Cen­tre to eat dur­ing your treat­ment. The Day Cen­tre has a microwave oven that you may use. You may also buy food at the Neuro Cafe­te­ria but please buy your food before you start your treatment.

Keep­ing Busy

You may wish to bring along some­thing to read, a lap­top com­puter, tablet or music to help pass the time dur­ing your treat­ment. If you plan to use any­thing that has sound, please bring head­phones with you.

Cell Phones

You may use your cell phone in the Day Cen­tre for short phone calls. You can­not take pho­tographs. This rule is to respect the pri­vacy of other patients.


Free wire­less inter­net is avail­able. To access the wire­less net­work, please call the Neuro-​Patient Resource Cen­tre (5143985358) or go to room 354 on the 3rd floor before your treat­ment. They will give you a per­sonal pass­word for your visit.


Please give us an up-​to-​date list of all your med­ica­tions. We will keep this list in your chart. Let one of our nurses know when­ever there is a change.

To renew pills pre­scribed by your neu­rol­o­gist, please let your neu­rol­o­gist know before your pre­scrip­tion runs out. It is best if you ask your phar­macy to fax a request for renewal directly to your neurologist’s office.

Your neu­rol­o­gist can only renew med­ica­tions that he or she orig­i­nally prescribed.



McGill Uni­ver­sity Park­ing Ser­vices: 5143984559

The cost is between $20-$25 per day. Entrance to the Neuro park­ing lot is on Uni­ver­sity Street above the entrance to the hos­pi­tal. There are a small num­ber of hand­i­capped park­ing spots through the Neuro’s ambu­lance entrance on Uni­ver­sity Street. There are a small num­ber of metered park­ing spots on Uni­ver­sity Street.

transport preston robb


The bus stops for all buses that come near the Neuro require some uphill walking.

Bus 144 stops at the cor­ner of Uni­ver­sity Street and Avenue des Pins. This bus comes the clos­est to the Neuro.

Buses 80 and 435 These buses stop at Avenue du Parc and Avenue des Pins.

Bus 107 stops at Dr. Pen­field Avenue and Avenue des Pins.

Trans­port Adapté

If you are using Trans­port Adapté ser­vices, please speak with one of our nurses about the time your treat­ment is expected to fin­ish before book­ing your return trans­port from the Day Cen­tre. We sug­gest that you add an extra 45 to 60 min­utes to the usual length of your treat­ment to allow time for us to set up your treat­ment and for you to pre­pare to leave at the end.


Neuro-​Patient Resource Centre

Pro­vides clear and reli­able infor­ma­tion on neu­ro­log­i­cal con­di­tions, tests, care­giv­ing and com­mu­nity resources.

Address: Room 354 (3rd floor), Mon­treal Neu­ro­log­i­cal Hospital

Tele­phone: 5143985358

E-​mail: infoneuro@​muhc.​mcgill.​ca


My Tool Box: Liv­ing a healthy life with chronic con­di­tions A free 6-​week work­shop pro­gram for peo­ple and their loved ones liv­ing with chronic dis­ease. Work­shops are held in Eng­lish and French at var­i­ous times dur­ing the week and on weekends.

To reg­is­ter or for more infor­ma­tion, please con­tact the Pro­gram Coordinator:

Tele­phone: 5143981934, ext. 71585

E-​mail: mytoolbox.​mni@​mcgill.​ca

Online: www​.mytool​box​.mcgill​.ca

Mus­cu­lar Dys­tro­phy Canada Sup­port Group

A sup­port group for peo­ple with autoim­mune mus­cu­lar diseases.

Address: 1425 René-​Lévesque Blvd W., Suite 5066

Tele­phone: 5143933522, ext.231

Toll-​Free: 18005672236, ext. 231

E-​mail: Pascale.​rousseau@​muscle.​ca



This book­let was devel­oped by:

Naomi Burton-​MacLeod, Nurse Clin­i­cian, Neuro Day Centre

Cather­ine Cia­r­avola, Nurse Clin­i­cian, Neuro Day Centre

Sylvia De Melo, Nurse Clin­i­cian, Neuro Day Centre

Cheryl Gau­vin, Nurse Clin­i­cian, Neuro Day Centre

Kath­leen Savoy, Nurse Clin­i­cian, Neuro Day Centre

Bar­bara Taugher, Nurse Clin­i­cian, Neuro Day Centre

Eileen Beany Peter­son, Librar­ian, Neuro-​Patient Resource Centre

We would like to rec­og­nize the MUHC Patient Edu­ca­tion Office for their sup­port with the design and lay­out of this booklet.

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