Park­ing at the Neuro

There are numer­ous park­ing options avail­able to you, includ­ing the metred street parking.

MUHC Park­ing. Located directly next to the Neuro hos­pi­tal is the Royal Vic­to­ria Park­ing lot. The P1 lot is avail­able, located on ave des Pins just west of Uni­ver­sity Ave., at the for­mer Royal Vic­to­ria Hos­pi­tal main entrance. The fee is 24$ dol­lars per day. How­ever, there is also a monthly pass avail­able (30 days for 70$), cer­tain con­di­tions apply. There is also a Flexi-​Pass rate avail­able in pack­ages of 7 passes for 100$. To pur­chase a pass, go to office S3.08, in the for­mer Vic­to­ria Hos­pi­tal (acces­si­ble via the 3rd floor of the Neuro foot­bridge). Click here for more infor­ma­tion.

McGill Park­ing. There is also park­ing located at the Mol­son Sta­dium, next to the hos­pi­tal. To pur­chase a pass, go to McGill Uni­ver­sity Park­ing Ser­vices, located at 3465 Durocher. The fee is 48$ dol­lars a week, or 20$ dol­lars a day. There are park­ing agents on site for shorter vis­its for which you don’t need a pass, you can sim­ply pay on site. See the map below for more infor­ma­tion, or click here for infor­ma­tion on their web­site.

Feel free to con­tact the Neuro Patient Resource Cen­tre at (514) 3985358 for more information.


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