Royal Vic­to­ria — Rotary Life­line of the McGill Uni­ver­sity Health Centre


Address: 687 Pine Ave. West suite F609, Mon­treal QC H3A 1A1

Tele­phone: (514) 8431670

Ser­vices: Home emer­gency response sys­tem which gives peace of mind, inde­pen­dence, dig­nity and secu­rity for both users and their fam­ily. The sys­tem links users to 24-​hour assis­tance. Trained oper­a­tors receive the call and send help. A mini-​computer sig­nals from home a main com­puter at the mon­i­tor­ing cen­ter. The trans­mit­ter can be worn as a locket or bracelet.

Work­ing Hours: Mon­day to Fri­day 8:30 A.M. — 4:00 P.M

Web­site: https://​www​.life​line​.ca/​e​n​/

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