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Spinal Cord : The fol­low­ing are avail­able in the Resource Cen­tre or online.
Moelle épinière et motric­ité Québec (Spinal cord mobil­ity Québec)
Moelle épinère et motric­ité Québec. 2017. Canada.
Trans­verse Myelitis: A Guide for Patients and Car­ers
Brain & Spine Foun­da­tion. 2016. UK.
Ante­rior Cer­vi­cal Dis­cec­tomy & Fusion (ACDF)
May­field Clinic. 2010. USA.
Epidural Steroid Injec­tion (ESI)
May­field Clinic . 2009. USA.
Exer­cises for a Healthy Back
May­field Clinic. 2009. USA.
Facet Injec­tion & Facet Rhi­zo­tomy
May­field Clinic. 2010. USA.
Intrathe­cal Drug Pump
May­field Clinic. 2009. USA.
Pos­te­rior Lum­bar Dis­cec­tomy
May­field Clinic. 2009. USA.
Prepar­ing for Lum­bar Spinal Fusion
May­field Clinic. 2009. USA.
Spinal Cord Infarc­tion Infor­ma­tion Page
National Insti­tute of Neu­ro­log­i­cal Dis­or­ders and Stroke. 2017. USA.
Spinal Cord Injury
Mayo Clinic. 2014. USA.
Spinal Cord Injury: Hope Through Research
National Insti­tute of Neu­ro­log­i­cal Dis­or­ders and Stroke. 2013. USA.
Spinal Cord Stim­u­la­tion
May­field Clinic. 2010. USA.
Spinal Decom­pres­sion (Laminec­tomy)
May­field Clinic. 2010. USA.
Spinal Steno­sis
Med­line Plus. 2012. USA.
Spinal Steno­sis
Mayo Clinc. 2012. USA.
Spinal Steno­sis
May­field Clinic. 2011. USA.
Spinal Steno­sis: Lum­bar and Cer­vi­cal
Spine Uni­verse. 2012. USA.
Spinal Tumors
Colum­bia Pres­by­tar­ian. 2009. USA.
Spinal Tumors
North Amer­i­can Spine Soci­ety . 2017. USA.
Spine Anatomy
May­field Clinic. 2018. USA.
Trans­verse Myelitis
Mayo Clinic. 2017. USA.
Ver­te­bro­plasty & Kypho­plasty
May­field Clinic. 2010. USA.
A Guide to your Back Surgery MUHC. 2018
Spinal Steno­sis
Asso­ci­a­tion québé­coise de la douleur chronique.
Spinal Cord Com­pres­sion
Cana­dian Can­cer Soci­ety /​Soci­eté cana­di­enne du can­cer. Canada.
What is trans­verse myelitis?
Cana­dian Trans­verse Myelitis Asso­ci­a­tion | Asso­ci­a­tion cana­di­enne de myélite trans­verse. Canada.
Brain and Spine Foun­da­tion
Brain and Spine Foun­da­tion. 2012. UK.
Christo­pher and Dana Reeve Paral­y­sis Resource Cen­ter
Christo­pher Reeve Foun­da­tion. USA.
Spine Uni­verse
Spine Uni­verse. USA.

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