RESULTS Huntington’s Dis­ease (7)

Huntington’s Dis­ease : The fol­low­ing are avail­able in the Resource Cen­tre or online.
How Genetic Dis­or­ders are Inher­ited (Slide show) (Tuto­r­ial)
Mayo Clinic. 2011. USA.
Hunt­ing­ton Soci­ety of Que­bec (Com­mu­nity Resources)
Hunt­ing­ton Soci­ety of Que­bec /​Société Hunt­ing­ton du Québec. Canada.
What is Hunt­ing­ton Dis­ease? (Pam­phlets Full Text Online)
Hunt­ing­ton Soci­ety of Canada. nd. Canada.
Huntington’s Dis­ease Fact Sheet (Fact Sheets Full Text Online)
The Cana­dian Move­ment Dis­or­der Group. nd. Canada.
Huntington’s Dis­ease (Fact Sheets Full Text Online)
Soci­ety for Neu­ro­science. 2014. USA.
Hunt­ing­ton Soci­ety of Canada (Inter­net Sites)
Hunt­ing­ton Soci­ety of Canada /​Société Hunt­ing­ton du Canada. Canada.
The Cana­dian Move­ment Dis­or­der Group (CMDG) (Inter­net Sites)
The Cana­dian Move­ment Dis­or­der Group. Canada.

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