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CON­CUS­SION: An inury to the brain that results in tem­po­rary loss of nor­mal brain func­tion. It is usu­ally caused by a blow to the head. Cuts or bruises may be present on the head or face, but in many cases there are no signs of trauma. Many peo­ple assume that con­cus­sions involve a loss of con­scious­ness, but that is not true. In most cases, a per­son with a con­cus­sion never losses consciousness.

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Source: Amer­i­can Asso­ci­a­tion of Neu­ro­log­i­cal Sur­geons

Con­cus­sion : The fol­low­ing are avail­able in the Resource Cen­tre or online.
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