Our Online Books

Amongst the hun­dreds of books avail­able in our Cat­a­logue, here are the ones also avail­able online:


ADHD : Find­ing the Way by Familiprix (2018)

Alzheimer’s Dis­ease

Alzheimer’s by Familiprix (2018)

Amy­otrophic Lat­eral Sclerosis:

A man­ual for peo­ple liv­ing with ALS by Jane McCarthy (2012)

Cop­ing with grief : Strate­gies for peo­ple liv­ing with ALS by the Amy­otrophic Lat­eral Scle­ro­sis Soci­ety of Canada (n.d.)

Every­day life with ALS : a prac­ti­cal guide by Mus­cu­lar Dys­tro­phy Asso­ci­a­tion (2010)

Brain Tumors:

About brain tumors : a primer for patients and care­givers by the Amer­i­can Brain Tumor Asso­ci­a­tion (2015)

Brain can­cer : Gliomas by the National Com­pre­hen­sive Can­cer Can­cer Net­work Foun­da­tion (2016)


A Caregiver’s Guide: A Hand­book about End-​of-​Life Care by Karen Macmil­lan, Jacquie Peden, Jane Hop­kin­son, and Den­nie Hycha (2015)

Resource guide for sup­port­ing care­givers at home by Dre Diane Doran, Dr Régis Blais, Julie McShane (2014)

Chiari mal­for­ma­tion:

Chiari mal­for­ma­tion and syringomyelia : a hand­book for patients and their fam­i­lies by Ulrich Batz­dorf (2008)


The Cana­dian Type 2 Dia­betes Source­book by M. Sara Rosen­thal (2009)

All about Dia­betes : A guide to under­stand­ing dia­betes by Familiprix (2014)


Epilepsy A to Z : A Con­cise Ency­clo­pe­dia by William O. Tatum (2009)

Epilepsy : patient and fam­ily guide by Orrin Devin­sky (2008)


ABC of Clin­i­cal Genet­ics by Helen M. Kingston (2002)

Health Guide:

The How To Health Guide by the Health Char­i­ties Coali­tion of Canada (2016)

Men­tal Health:

Catch a falling star by Gayle Grass (2001)


Migraines by Familiprix (2018)

Mul­ti­ple Sclerosis:

Car­ing for loved ones with advanced MS : a guide for fam­i­lies by Dorothy E. Northrop (2010)

Mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis : a focus on reha­bil­i­ta­tion by Ros­alind Kalb (2010)

Mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis : the facts you need by Paul O’Connor (2009)

Stretch­ing for peo­ple with MS : an illus­trated man­ual by Beth E. Gib­son (2007)

Stretch­ing with a helper for peo­ple with MS: an illus­trated man­ual by Beth E. Gib­son (2007)

Ben­jamin : my mum is spe­cial by Ste­faie Lazai (2005)

Immune Sys­tem — 3 dis­eases by Familiprix (2017)


Neu­ro­science : Sci­ence of the Brain — An Intro­duc­tion for Young Stu­dents by the British Neu­ro­science Asso­ci­a­tion (2003)


Work­ing together when fac­ing chronic pain: a book designed for patients and writ­ten by their health pro­fes­sion­als by Louise O’Donnell-Jasmin (2010)

Liv­ing with Chronic Pain by Familiprix (2014)


Paral­y­sis resource guide by Sam Mad­dox (2009)

Parkinson’s Dis­ease:

Care Part­ner­ing : Man­ag­ing Parkinson’s Dis­ease Together by Parkin­son Canada (2019)

Nav­i­gat­ing Cog­ni­tive Changes in Parkinson’s Dis­ease by Rachel Dol­hun MD (n.d.)

Deep Brain Stim­u­la­tion : Prac­ti­cal Guide for Patients ans Fam­i­lies by Michael S. Okun MD and Pamela R. Zeil­man MSN (n.d.)

Patient Safety :

Patient Engage­ment in Patient Safety Guide, Cana­dian Patient Safety Insti­tute (2017)

Pro­gres­sive Supranu­clear Palsy:

A Guide For Peo­ple Liv­ing With PSP, CBD by CurePSP (2012)

Guide­book: A Resource For Peo­ple Liv­ing With Prime of Life Neu­rode­gen­er­a­tive Dis­ease by CurePSP (2018)


7 Steps to Stroke Recov­ery by the Stroke Recov­ery Asso­ci­a­tion of British Colum­bia (2014) (VIDEO)

There is Life after Stroke : Inter­views with Stroke Sur­vivors by the Stroke Recov­ery Asso­ci­a­tion of British Colum­bia (2013) (VIDEO)

Your Stroke Jour­ney: A guide for peo­ple liv­ing with stroke by the Heart and Stroke Foun­da­tion of Canada (2018)

Keep a Healthy Heart! by Familiprix (n.d.)


My Pro­tec­tion Man­date by Pub­li­ca­tions du Québec (2017)

In Case of Inca­pac­ity: The Pro­tec­tion Man­date by Pub­li­ca­tions du Que­bec (2017)

A Close Rel­a­tive or Friend Becomes Inca­pac­i­tated — How Can You Pro­tect Them? by Pub­li­ca­tions de Que­bec (2017)

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